3 new burgers!

New Year, new campaign burgers! Come taste new burgers: Smash, I <3 Cheese and Double Meat.

See you at MorriSon’s!

SMASH VL, (G) 15€
2 x Smash hamburger patties, cheddar cheese, fried onion, aioli and arugula + crispers potatoes

I <3 CHEESE VL, (G) 15€
Hamburger patty, a lot of cheddar cheese, ketchup, tomato, pickled cucumber and little gem lettuce + crispers potatoes

DOUBLE MEAT VL, (G) 15,50€
Brisket, hamburger patty, chili cheese, steak sauce, fried onion, Dijon pickled cucumber mayonnaise + crispers potatoes