All Burgers -20% in Foodora

Honey, we’re not cooking today!
All Burgers -20% in Foodora! Click here to our Foodora page.
Offer is valid till 31.10.2021

Burgers include 100% Finnish hamburger meat, served medium. Fries are included.
Burgers are available with gluten free bun.


Smash VL, (G) 12,40€ 15,50€
2 x Smash hamburger patties, cheddar cheese, fried onion, aioli and arugula

Double Meat VL, (G) 12,40€ 15,50€
Brisket, hamburger patty, chili cheese, steak sauce, fried onion, and Dijon pickled cucumber mayonnaise

I <3 Cheese VL, (G) 12,40€ 15,50€
Hamburger patty, a lot of cheddar cheese, ketchup, tomato, pickled cucumber and little gem lettuce

Crispy Burger VL 12,40€ 15,50€
Deep-fried chicken breast, cheddar cheese sauce, lime mayonnaise, and red slaw

Hellfire Burger VL, (G) 12,40€ 15,50€
Hamburger patty, habanero sauce, pickled jalapeños, cheddar cheese, lime mayonnaise, and little gem lettuce

Meatless Friday M, (G) 12,40€ 15,50€
Vegan patty, avocado, vegan lime mayonnaise, and red slaw

Holy Moly Burger VL, (G) 16,00€ 20,00€
Go Big or go home! 4 x hamburger patties, cheddar cheese, bacon, steak sauce, fried onion, and Brooklyn mayonnaise

Heart Stopper VL, (G) 30,40€ 38,00€
Definitely Helsinki’s most extravagant platter! Inc. 2 x burgers: I <3 Cheese and Crispy Burgers, along with pork ribs, brisket, dirty fries, aioli, Brooklyn mayonnaise and Hellfire mayonnaise.

VL – Low lactose
M – Dairy free
(G) – Available gluten free

Let’s order some burgers! 🙂